8. A preview of what is to come

When I started the preliminary sketches for this panel the sun was out, the grass was patchy and arid and the flowers were a blaze of colours. When I came to draw the full picture the landscape had changed. Now it was raining and cold. The grass that had been so brittle and dried-out had rejuvenated and were a full range of greens but the leaves on the trees had changed from their first flush of youth to something more autumnal; now more orange than green with streaks of russets and soft purples thrown in so I changed some of the plants to incorporate this autumnal feel.


It is now two days before my four vinyl panels, filled with personal herstories, existential wonderings, theological thoughts and emotional content have to be taken to Leeds Museum and carefully applied to The Broderick Suite Doors on the second floor.

The aim of Love Arts Festival is to celebrate creativity and mental well-being in Leeds and begins on the 4th October ending on the 13th.  With events and exhibitions in various places around Leeds it is easy to squeeze a picture viewing into a lunch break or watch a performance after work with a couple of friends.  After all, we all need to look after and support our mental health.

The events diary and exhibitions listings can be found on http://www.loveartsleeds.co.uk and for the Leeds Museum have a look at http://www.loveartsleeds.co.uk/leeds-city-museum-group-exhibition